“Yellow Butterflies, Sirens _ Guitars”

“Yellow Butterflies, Sirens _ Guitars”

“Yellow Butterflies, Sirens & Guitars” Installation at Faber Park, La Isla Bonita Festival, Staten Island, NY.

Yellow Butterflies, Sirens & Guitars at Faber Park

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — “Beautiful” isn’t often the first word that comes to mind when the rest of the city hears “Staten Island.”

But to the artists and musicians who live and create their work here, it can be.

That’s why on July 12, many of those individuals are coming together for “La ISLA Bonita (The Beautiful Island).” The Global Local: Staten Island event includes live music from some internationally acclaimed acts, plus live visual art and other activities (read on for the full run down).

Everyone’s invited to the free fiesta, which is organized by art collective ISLA in collaboration with muralist Lina Montoya.

“People don’t think Staten Island is beautiful, but we want to celebrate the beauty that is here, in ourselves, our friendships and our community relationships,” said Natalia Linares, the co-founder of ISLA with Gia Dupree and Dizzle the DJ. “The ultimate goal for all of us is to create something that reflects us.”

The group organized several previous parties on Staten Island meant to bring world cultures here and establish the borough’s North Shore as more of a party scene.

Picnicking is encouraged on the Port Richmond waterfront bordering Faber Park, which provides easy access to the public pool and skate park. Linares said she wants events like these to be documented before development.

“This is our little moment on Staten Island before this happens,” she said. “They’re going to come in with an outlet mall and the New York Wheel and spend millions of dollars around the stadium, but it’s important that people know there was stuff going on before that, too.”