RECOLLECT, Collaborative Mural and Fence Installation. Private Commission. Four Five Six, Brooklyn, NY.



1.To remember

2.To gather again



RECOLLECTis a memorial celebration,todance, share,andhealtogether in community.



Everyone at thefree, outdoor, all-agescelebration–from DJstodancers–areinmemory of their lovedones.It’s a night of commemoration and celebration, loss and love, grief and joy,catharsis and healing.



1.DANCE:The dance floor is the heart of thecelebration, a spaceofcatharsis and communion. DJsplaya mix ofclassics,hip-hop,salsa,disco, and otherdanceable,connected,upliftingmusic.

2.PHOTOS:Guestsare invited toshare joyful photos oftheirloved ones, at the celebration orwhen pre-registering online.These photos are projected in a loopnearthe dance floor.

3.ART: Adecoratedgatewelcomesguests, and then all areinvitedto write, draw, and expressthemselves on a community mural, preparedwithsimple designsand quotes for inspiration.

4.HEALING:A quieter space allowsfor reflection.Mental health professionals and bodywork/energyhealersprovidequietcareand distribute take-home information aboutaffordablehealing services.

5.RITUAL:The evening will conclude with a simple nondenominational ritual,likelyinvolving thereading of names,instrumentation, breath,touchand remember