El Niágara en Bicicleta

El Niágara en Bicicleta

Ele Eme Project & Richmoond Hood Co. presents

“El Niágara en Bicicletaas part of La Isla Bonita Street Art Series. (Niagara Falls on a Bicycle, The Beautiful Island). Located at 827 Castleton Avenue in Staten Island, New York. Created by Colombian born-Staten Island based artist Lina Montoya AKA Ele Eme.

As part of La Isla Bonita series, this piece is named and inspired by music, the song El Niágara en Bicicleta which was written and performed by Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra. The phrase “…pasar el Niágara en bicicleta” (English: Cycling across Niagara Falls) is a Dominican idiom typically used to refers to a difficult situation, a miracle or an almost impossible to achieve task; in the song, Guerra uses metaphors and mixes reality and fantasy to parody his own experience while receiving medical care.

The piece consists of the artist’s salvaged bicycle attached to a chain-link fence, surrounded by yellow plastic flowers made of recycled-processed Tetra Pak cartons. The flowers were created by Tom Mazzone. Installation size: 9” X 6”.

Through the transformation of every day objects and innovating with designs and materials, this project intends to generate a positive impact within the community creating awareness about how it is possible to beautify spaces by recycling materials and transforming them into art pieces which intend to deliver a message about the importance of recycling, having healthy habits, and sense of belonging with the community in which we live.

The Ele Eme Project continues its journey around La Isla Bonita (The Beautiful Island AKA Staten Island) with its artistic interventions, reimagining, beautifying and transforming public spaces.

This piece was made and possible to the hands and hearts of the Richmond Hood crew, Michael Andrade from Ele Eme Project, Tom Mazzone from City Tree Guards, Staten Island Maker Space, 5050 Skate Park, Lenny Prince from Lenny’s Gallery and Wilfredo Zavala from Half Prices Mufflers. Supported by Transportation Alternatives & Staten Island Arts.