Car Free NYC & Earth Day: Butterflies & Bottleflowers

Car Free NYC & Earth Day: Butterflies & Bottleflowers

Saturday April 22nd, Broadway between 39 St. & 40 St. New York, NY.

Our butterflies were flying around Times Square where the “Butterfly Project” continued it’s expansion around New York City! By coloring, cutting, and painting we brought back to life hundreds of butterflies and #bottleflowers. We recycled, talked about migration, and made hundreds of butterflies.

The favorite COLOR of the season, according to most of the kids who participated: “Rainbow”. It seems that many of them agreed, it’s the new favorite “color” of the people.

More than 50 kids and their families were engaged by this special activity sponsored by DOT NYC and we couldn’t be more HAPPY about this!

Thank you to all the participants and the staff who made it possible.

All the photos were taken with the consent of the participants, please let us know if you have any questions.

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